OST_Categories - Where are Sweeps?

Hi all,

I am following this thread: Collect all categories in a project
to generate a “get all elements” kind of thing per @erfajo suggestion.

This google doc shows the OST categories but I don’t see wall sweeps. Are they just “OST_WallSweeps” ?

@colin.mccrone I feel like if anyone knows the answer to this one it would be you.


Colin is biking across the country at the moment. :slight_smile: Might be a bit before he can get back to you.

Not too sure what it is from a builtincat OST standpoint. :thinking:

well many things can be said about Revit logic :wink:



I’ve never heard of anything that makes more sense in my life… not…

Thanks man!

I have to admit that the dynamo team have provided nodes that could do exactly what I coded in python, namely colleting all elements by a list by “Natural Category Name”.

Home.dyn (6.4 KB)