Orthocenter of Triangle Edge

Hello, Hopefully the attached image isn’t to blurry. I’m working on find the orthocenter of each side of a defined triangle. I have worked out the Trig but I’m lost as to how to elegantly iterate the definition on each side without doing it laboriously though many many nodes. I’m working to find the orthocenter intersection of the triangle. Thanks 16-03-21 rise line issue

Dynamo’s built-in screen capture is a mess! I can’t make out anything :slight_smile:
How about using plane intersections? Just wrap the “ortho1” function into a main function to apply it to multiple triangles:



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I’ll try running this into the code at lunch or after work. I guess this isn’t a particularly popular use of Dynamo judging by the number of replies which I guess is why I bravely continue to charge forward and appreciate the help. On a related note, is there is better way to get sharp images out of Dynamo? Even though I’m asking for help I want to try to be as helpful as possible.