Orienting Lines

I'm trying to import two sets of lines, one in plan and one in section. These lines are already drawn in 2D. I'll use these lines as the framework for creating a sweeping or rail surface.

I'm getting frustrated because I can't seem to find a way to import the section lines and have them orient to a vertical reference plane. When I import the CAD file the vertical reference planes I have set up do not appear in the "Place At" pulldown.

Any tips or suggestions?

Phil, if you're working in a mass family, you can actually import dwg files into elevations

- switch to one of the elevation views that are parallel to your reference plane

- import the dwg, make sure that "orient to view" is checked

- switch to plan view

- use the align tool to align your dwg to the reference plane

unfortunately this doesn't work in the project file because the vasari project template doesn't contain any elevations... :-(

Thanks Tom! I'm still in the frustrating early stages... I just posted another question if you have time to take a look.

Phil, After importing the CAD file, you will have to select it and explode it. The, select individual (or groups of) lines and you will see a "Pick New" icon in the ribbon. This will let you pick a new reference plane to place the lines on.