Order of Operations?

I’m baffled by why this graph doesn’t work consistently.
The graph asks you to select a bunch of Rooms.
Then it uses a Rhythm node to move the Rooms to their center
Finally, it uses another Rhythm node to move the Tags to the default (center) location.
I want to give uses the option to move the Tags or not, so I’ve added a Boolean Input node.
The graph works perfectly as long as the Boolean is set to True, but if I set it to False, everything past the Select Model Elements node returns nul
I assume that the Boolean is executing first and somehow feeding back to the other nodes, but it seems like the operations are swimming upstream.
Recenter Selected Rooms.dyn (29.9 KB)

you can use transaction end node

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You have used ScopeIf try using ScopeIf+ from Clockwork.

ScopeIf as you have noticed will stop all the nodes upstream and downstream from executing if it is set to false.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, Mark (and chaim)
Looks like ScopeIf++ does the trick!
Now I can release this for my users. :grinning:

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