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I think this statement is unfair. You will be surprised how many people will use this resource as their “go to” for information regarding your nodes. I primarily announce updates to Rhythm via my blog and twitter and it seems to have worked fine for the last 4 years. Several other node authors do the same as well.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing what is to come!

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New nodes released:
The latest update includes a larger extension of nodes for association and nodes for categories.

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Thanks for the update :wink:

hey there. thanks for these awesome nodes.
i have a problem though, as it seems that my list of print settings is being ignored by the print.by view node in RVT 2018.3, dynamo it only uses the first print setting for all the views. this problem was the same using archi-labs.

any ideas why that might be?

To make it possible to get historic version of my executable installers have I renamed my executable installers to:

Previously did I include the major and minor number in the filename, but that meant that for every major/minor change came a new file name. Therefore, did I not have a history to roll back available at Github. This change should over time mean that historic executable should be available to get.

I have also made migration solutions for my deprecated DanEDU package.

Concerning the current internally dynamo 2.0.x migration problem is here a proof of concept solving this issue!

As mentioned in the blog, is the major update this time the IFC Export nodes. I would be happy if someone would test these nodes in an environment I don’t have any more myself. I am especially interested in test based on Revit 2017 and Revit 2018 and IFC Exporter 18.4.0 or lower. I don’t have either Revit or IFC exporter versions below 2019 and 19.1.0 installed anymore!

Please write me PM if you have test results or at the issue page at GitHub!

Test files can be found using my sample collection


Material and assets update.
I have published a release which includes more than 100 new nodes!


Thanks Erik, that’s a huge amount of work!

Just a couple of queries if that’s ok?

I notice that the material create method includes a doc reference, would it be possible to have this as an input? Then you could add materials to multiple revit projects?

I can’t see any access to material libraries through the api… is it possible to create a new library? or export one from a document? It would be really interesting if we could read an excel, generate a bunch of materials then save them out as a library…



Not sure that library creation is doable (been ages since I looked). I always found it easier to manage them in a file and move the materials from file A to file B by assigning them to a family in file A, and moving the family into file B.

Yet an update with +20 new nodes…
Nodes for BuiltInParameter. Nodes for copying and transferring elements between different document. Nodes for opening, save and closing central files. Nodes for linking files into documents.


Update on behalf of Erik…

Minor release 134.5.0 / 202.5.0 and major release 210.0.0

Please address all queries to Github.

Thanks to Erik for all his hard work :slight_smile:



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Move an entire model and its views


Hi, I took the contents from the dynamo Revit folder on my local dynamo and put it in the server folder for everyone and the nodes I use for a script are working now. However I’m worried about the contents of the dynamo core folder on my local. Do I need to copy that anywhere on the server. Where would I? Or should I have the dynamo core content for everyone to use and not the dynamo revit contents. Thanks for any help. Trying to make sense of stuff

The stuff I havnt copied across… Thinking about it, dynamo core is just a different application to dynamo Revit?

Is there a way to avoid the prompts for file names if I print individual sheets? I am trying to automate printing hundreds of sheets as separate files and I am trying to get each file to autoname itself in consecutive order.

I believe that may be a setting of your printer? I use PDF creator and can set it to not prompt for save…


Is it possible to get a whole list of existing Paper Sizes from the selected printer? I think the same way as on your node “Print PaperSizes”, and I already try to do that but I’m not so much good in it. Please can you help me with it? :slightly_smiling_face:

import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

import Autodesk
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import PaperSize

Pr = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
pagelist = PaperSize.GetType

for p in pagelist:
	x = Pr.Name(p)

OUT = x


Eric’s not on here any more, perhaps post here instead…


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did you find a solution? I’m looking for excatly the same thing :smiley:

FYI I wrote to Erik on github.
He has made a new node that get the papersizes from the printer as a list.
He released this earlier today.
Again big thanks to Erik

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