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I have been around in this community for a long time. I have helped users with all kind of issues, whether it is the usage of nodes, forming graphs, and/or python coding. Spanning from a basic level to a highly advanced level (mainly concerning coding).

In parallel to this have I maintained my own package. In the beginning was it called “DanEDU” which is deprecated now and continued as the current Orchid package (project). The later coded in a .Net environment there solves many issues not covered by the OOTB nodes, including solving issues with OOTB nodes.

At the same time while I was very active participating and solved many issues could I register that other users were promoted Moderators by the Dynamo team. Users which has not been helping out others, which to a very limited point only was supportive towards their own stuff. Packages not widely used as mine is. At that point, I became so disappointed that I simply start doing the same. I am sure that the Moderator group can show this in a graph when I started pulling back only supporting my own stuff.

At some point, some users with limited skills began to attack my package, and even I tried to get the Moderators to stop them that didn’t happen. At that point, I decided to pull back from the community.

Without the proper rights in the community or the acknowledgment from whoever is deciding who can become Moderators, then I see no reason for me to be an asset in this community.

However, I am still very active and I will gladly help anyone I can. I just offer the service from my Github environment. So If help and guidance are needed, then use my issues page. Then I will try to take care of it.

Add Shared parameters to some families (Orchid package)
How to delete multiple family parameter from inside the project
Remove some text characters from each item of lists

I have refactored the executable installer location at Github. This step is taken to support the release of beta builds as well as releases. All executables are now stored in the subfolder “Builds” at Github.


To whom it might concern. I have started to expand my nodes for compound structures (system family)…

Load multiple Families from a folder and to multiple Revit Models from a folder
Kind request - custom node - Parts - get original family's CompoundStructure Layer Index

To whom it might concern…
I have made a new set of Print nodes, incl. a new node for the “ActiveView” that handles any kind of view incl. sheet view, which the OOTB node do not handle!

I had to rename all dropdown nodes! In my continues work I wanted to add more dropdown classes, and while doing this I discovered that I would end up in a mess if I didn’t name all UI classes with “special” names. Therefore I had to rename the these classes as fast as I could, and since the print nodes were released yesterday, I have not made migration for this!

Batch plot to pdf
Print PDF , type error
Batch PDF with multiple sheet sizes
Copy Files Node
List Sheets by Revision - Combining and Filtering Lists
PDF print node by Archi-Lab Ignores printer and print range
Local Printers Names Crashes Revit
Creating Print Sets from Schedules
Print Setup Checkboxes boolean controlled via Dynamo Graph?

Just some words about why I dont use the Package Manager…


I have just updated to 132.3.7 / 201.3.7 versions. They both support the newly released 2.0.2 and 1.3.4 version of Dynamo as well. – > https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo/tree/master/Builds

One major change is that the two versions are now split into individual installers. I have evaluated that the time is up for this since the 2.0 version has been around for some time and that many new users don’t use the old 1.3 series anymore. However, there is still a world out there that need to be compatible with the 1.3 series. I will in the future develop against the 2.0 series but maintain the 1.3 series as long as it is possible without doing anything extra. Over time will the development of the 1.3 series stop.

By this version, I have also removed the last Custom Nodes meaning all nodes in the package is now Zero Touch nodes (The last four CN nodes for FEM-design).

This update also adds some new nodes and some updated nodes as well.
Among these is the node there can tell the user if an update of the package exists!



Associating Global Parameters to a family in a project
Purge families not placed
Material take-off density

more new nodes for getting families, familytypes, and nodes for subcategories.
-released in the 201.3.8 / 132.3.8 version of Orchid

Family names

Yet another update (132.3.9 / 201.3.9)… new nodes created for Shared Parameters.

The idea with the “SetFile” node is to be able to set a temporary SP file while doing stuff, and in the end, return to the original SP file. If you want to test it without any “Stuff”, then use the Circut node, set it to false and then you can verify that the SP file changes. Then test it with the Circuit set to true and you should end up with the file you had in your file (remember to reset between the two tests!).

The two “query” nodes get all the parameters in the SP file and group them either by type or by group name.

This update included also four updated nodes for printing (options there are rarely set)

Batch PDF with multiple sheet sizes
Print Setup Checkboxes boolean controlled via Dynamo Graph?
Cobie Parameters to excel, but want to export back
Search for Shared Parameters by Name
Create Project Parameter from Shared Parameter

I have made some supplemental nodes for Element and ElementType to get FamilyName and Name for ElementType!

The new FamilyName nodes might come handy when it is needed to figure if a wall is a Curtain Wall or a Basic Wall :slight_smile:

Family Name Value not Family Type
Returning 'Element' of an 'ElementType'

Orchid version 134.3.10 / 202.3.10 has been released.

The largest change in this version is that the package has been refactored to comply with naming conventions.

The next largest change is all FamilyDocument nodes don’t pass the document as an output, likewise, other nodes there passed project documents. I have made this rather large change to be able to support ”ListLevel” better, I have noticed many users have problems understanding that the output changes dramatically for passing the opened document when list level is used. Therefore do all now need to use the DataStream.Await to let documents being passed.


There are also some new nodes made for Parameters…

One of the new nodes is AddIfcParameters, this one adds the four most important IFC parameters.
Parameters are found in the IFC Shared Parameters.txt that works together with the Revit IFC exporter!

PARAM f53d1285-ae3d-4992-a3f1-2e7978be529a IfcExportAs TEXT
PARAM 8296d5c9-f935-41f5-8247-48a26d1c85a4 IFC CAD Layer TEXT
PARAM 99793364-7511-4937-80d1-4a6427f2c720 IfcDescription TEXT
PARAM 765c61bc-7588-4846-bfef-befb28681767 IfcExportType TEXT

I have also changed the icon layout for all nodes. All large icons are now 128x128 px, and I have started to use a green and yellow color in icons. Family document icons have got a new border to show they are only for Family documents. I am still trying to keep the general layout used by the Dynamo team.

…please see my sample collection for further documentation

Set Value to Parameter within .rfa
FamilyDocument.AddSharedParameter Errors
Orchid package possibilities
Create Project Parameter from Shared Parameter

New release there includes some new nodes…
Check if family parameter has associated element (…in upper right corner).

Node there converts shared parameters to family parameters.

After the last update of all family document nodes, is all nodes also updated changing the output to the most suited instead of document as output.
all changes can be seen at my sample collection at Github.

Check if a families nested family has its parameters associated from a project environment
Change SharedParameter to FamilyParameter

It is increasingly becoming more and more problematic to maintain what happens with my package. I know this is not a blog but on the other side, if it was doable for me to edit the posts (especially in this post), then I could update and maintain the individual post I make. The oldest posts are deprecated, meaning the nodes look different by now. However, posts are being locked over time and I have no options for keeping it up to date. The only option is to delete a post, and then is the remaining thread looking odd. Mostly would it be images and names for nodes which need to be updated…

This is why I have started to blog about information, updates, tips and tricks for Orchid. However, I don’t expect that this is something users want to follow day by day. What I do is not that important at all :slight_smile: So in the future will I post whenever a new blog is out, so followers this way can read whenever there is news… and I have the option to edit whatever I do to keep everything updated.


I think this statement is unfair. You will be surprised how many people will use this resource as their “go to” for information regarding your nodes. I primarily announce updates to Rhythm via my blog and twitter and it seems to have worked fine for the last 4 years. Several other node authors do the same as well.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing what is to come!


Thanks, @john_pierson, but I am myself being one of those who have cut back on all those social media sites you "need" to follow… I drowned in all those important and need-to pages I had to follow.

If I have it as so, then I would believe others also have it this way… that’s why I made the statement, that it is not that important whatever I do, but I will try to bring some kind of announcement whenever something new happens :slight_smile:


New nodes released:
The latest update includes a larger extension of nodes for association and nodes for categories.

Check if a families nested family has its parameters associated from a project environment
Revit Dynamo Combining Spring node family instance by geometry with Associate Family parameter

Thanks for the update :wink:


hey there. thanks for these awesome nodes.
i have a problem though, as it seems that my list of print settings is being ignored by the print.by view node in RVT 2018.3, dynamo it only uses the first print setting for all the views. this problem was the same using archi-labs.

any ideas why that might be?


I have updated the paper size node so it takes the selected printer as input. If there should be other issues then please report issues at GitHub so I can put them in my “tasks”. Besides an issue without an image of the graph that’s like finding the needle in the haystack.

The update works as the OOTB node “Get Family Parameter”, which has some issues normal dropdown nodes don’t have… however, it solves the issue that the paper sizes are combined/set to the selected printer and not to the windows default printer!


To make it possible to get historic version of my executable installers have I renamed my executable installers to:

Previously did I include the major and minor number in the filename, but that meant that for every major/minor change came a new file name. Therefore, did I not have a history to roll back available at Github. This change should over time mean that historic executable should be available to get.

I have also made migration solutions for my deprecated DanEDU package.


Concerning the current internally dynamo 2.0.x migration problem is here a proof of concept solving this issue!