Orchid package "Parameter.AddSharedParameter" Lacing

I am trying to add shared parameters with an excel sheet and the Orchid “Parameter.AddSharedParameter” node.
I thought that with Lacing set to “Shortest” the node was going to treat each index of my lists individualy but I get an Warning message.
Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of AddSharedParameter that takes arguments of type (__array,__array,__array,__array,__array,__array)
Cauld you help me on this issue?

Try and read the “help” box for the node… At least one of your input types are not correct…

If think that columns must be Columns in the Category list

And ‘‘yes’’ is not a bool

And columns is named twice

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Hello @Jonathan.Olesen @erfajo

I am pig backing on this post because I am having an issue with the same node.
The only difference is that I get an error stating that the parameter type is not a valid one, in spite on my using string in both cases.

Please, see images below, where one is generated imputing all values from an Excel sheet, and the last one uses code block to assign the values. However, the warning is the same for both.

I thank you beforehand for your help and attention.

Kind regards,