Orchid package - graphics get shading color

I am importing sketchup models… but the render material is gray, the shading is fine…
So i am making a script, create a new appearance asset and i want to give it the graphic shading color…

It works for some…but i also get an error on some colors…why it is a normal color

the warning is:
Warning: Graphics.GetShadingColor operation failed.
The color represents an invalid or uninitialized color.

in this thread, i read that it might has to do something with imported materials… i am using an imported sketchup model.

What would be strange because i see a color RGB 255 84 84 so why can’t it get that data…

Hi Arno,

I can’t help you with the Orchid node, but did you try with the OOTB node and the Genius Loci node ?

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yes did try … it is a problem with imported materials

You can drop a sample Revit file with your imported materials if you need some assistance.

boat.rfa (1.5 MB)

This is a file with an imported sketchup model… the material nodes won’t work on it, who has a solution… because it is strange that shaded does have a color

It seems there is no solution.
It is written in the API : “Colors obtained from some API methods may represent an uninitialized/invalid color.”