Optimize solid for export FBX (Low poly)


I try to export a part of my Revit model after dynamo proses to FBX. there is to many mesh after export, I try to improve it with solid by the union in Dynamo, but there is not really big difference.
Is there any solution for lower polygon FBX export?


try the mesh toolkit reduce node.


With mesh toolkit reduce node, we lose quality.

Wherever you’ve used ‘Circles’, feed them into a ‘Polygon.RegularPolygon’ node.
That way you can controls the number of sides and mesh density to suit level of detail required.

But of course! The only way to make the mesh smaller is to reduce the number of triangles which also reduces the visual acuity and detail. It’s a balancing act. Enough tris to look good, but no so many as to choke the system.

I’m not sure about Cinema4d but both 3ds Max and Blender have a “Decimate” modifier that can reduce the number of polys once you’ve imported the FBX.

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