Only reading half image

Hey guys i have little problem, on the picture you can see the big blue cicle, that is where i used a logic, to shift every second row. That gives the image on the left side. as you can see it only reads half the picture now. i did attatch the file, would anyone try and open it and see if they can debug, or just tell me what the heck went wrong? The picture on the right is where i connected my CS directly without the shifting thing, sorry if its a little messy, still learning :slight_smile: :


Thx in advantage… And a big shout out for all the bright minded-dynamo sharks :slight_smile:
Bug.dyn (46.2 KB)

Hi @Phanse17

Have you tried adjusting “X” samples and “Y” samples.

Yes i did, the script is build i a way, so i can control the actually height and width of the image, then i divides it out, with the number of desired spacing between the points… And it worsk flawless. Just until i put in the shifting logic, so it must be something in there than are wrong…

Hi @Phanse17 ,
just use List.Transpose :

image.dyn (17.1 KB)

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