Obstructed Vector

Im am quite new to Dynamo and am trying to develop my companies daylight and sunlight analysis services to run in Dynamo.

Can anybody let me know if there is a node to detect if a line or vector has an unobstructed view of the sky?
Plotting out the points and generating a line or vector between them is no a problem.
But determining if they reach each other without interference from other elements in the scene is something I cannot figure out how to do.

Like all issues with Dynamo I imagine this is just a matter of getting the correct node.
But as this is a fundamental part of the workflow I am trying to develop, any guidance would be much appreciated.

The good news is: Yes! There is such a node. Geometry.DoesIntersect
The “bad” news is: You’ll have to feed it a list of everything you want to test against, which for complex scenes can mean pulling a loooot of geometry into Dynamo that you might otherwise not be so interested in. Of course, if you have all those elements already anyway, then there’s no problem!

PS: just make sure the lacing of the node is set correctly (e.g. Cross Product, if you want to test all lines against everything else)

For Daylight you could check Honeybee (from https://www.ladybug.tools/) it was originally for Grasshopper developed but now you can also have it in Dynamo.

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Thanks Avz,

That sounds like it is what i am looking for.
Regarding the amount of geometry, i will mass model where i can to reduce this, but i know it is going to be a less than ideal set up.

I have found Ladybug and Honeybee.
They are a fantastic resource and will be crucial to my workflow.

I’m currently trying to juggle developing this process with an already hectic work schedule, but i will report back when i have had a chance to flex these.

Many thanks for the quick responses.

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