Object.Hashing Node - Orchid

I am trying to reference a unique id or number to identify a curve in Dynamo. (besides the point values)

I stumbled upon the Object.Hashing Node from Orchid.

I haven’t been able to find much about it.

My question is the hashing it ouputs is that a unique Number?

i only found this @erfajo

If you’re dealing with curve geometry, they’re usually unique. However, if you’ve extracted the curve geometry from some surface or solid geometry and you’ve performed some splits on it, they might end up being repeated:

That would be great @erfajo
A practical use scenario would be better. :slight_smile:

Here is a good example of how hashing can be used in a way which applies to special design. Not sure if @erfajo’s nodes would work for this, but it’s worth a read anyway.


Thank you all for your answers. You have all answered my question in some way and gave me a lot of information on hashing.

I was/am looking for a way to identify a curve with a unique id or some number. Unfortunately this isn’t going to work for that.

Look into retrieving the GUID for revit elements if that’s where you’re starting. Hashing the geometry could help identify duplicate instances as noted in the link I posted above.