Numbering of elements with two parameters

Hi, I’m trying to make a numeric sort according to the number of elements in a project with 2 parameters: in the Model parameter I want it to count as one all the same names, and for the description parameter the same rule, I can do this rule or one or the other, but I’m trying hard to join the two so that it correctly counts the amount of elements having these 2 parameters, below is how far I can do, if anyone can give a tip I’m grateful.
OBS: Sorry for any grammatical error, because I am using the translator.

I’m a little confused on what exactly you’re trying to do.
Are you trying to group your elements by Model and then by Description? Then number each instance based on those two parameters?
If so, you’re about half way there. You need to then group those groups by the second parameter. This requires using list levels.

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I made a sketch to see if you can understand better.
1-I have some elements where I set the parameters of MODEL and DESCRIPTION for each according to the drawing

2-I want to make a numeric counter in the MARK parameter, where it counts the amount of elements that have the MODEL parameter different from each other, in the example we have a total of 5 different model

3-But that where you have in the DESCRIPTION parameter other than two other elements it counts one more for each element, thus increasing the count to 7, according to the drawing.

I can give it a try later but could you technically create a string combining the model and description into one variable and then doing a unique count for it? Instead of trying 2 filters. As for changing the mark parameter, just doing a count for model parameter.

Also, what version of Revit/Dynamo are you using?

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hi, I’m using revit 2018 and version 1.3.2 of dynamo


@kennyb6 gave you a good option. Get the Model value and the Description value and combine the two. Count the unique values for those combined parameters.

was, but unable to develop

Can you show how far you got?

I already get the 3 parameters I want from the elements, I just can not filter to get the same parameters from the list, I do not want it to filter the parameters one by one, I want it to filter by parameter set as ta in the element

You mean something like this?


thank you very much, that’s right your Code Block relvoue everything