Non matching seeds when exporting Dynamo definition into Project Fractal

Good Morning to everyone,
I am developing a definition using the SpaceLayout package by Colin Day. The aim of the definition is the generation of layout options. Project Fractal by Autodesk is later used to automatically generate and evaluate options. The definition in itself works well, but the issue comes out when i export it into Fractal. In fact, even if input seeds for the generation (building outline seed, department seed and program seed) have the same values on both software, the layout solution generated by Fractal is different from the one by Dynamo. I attach a screenshot to make you understand better.

Dynamo generation is on the left, Fractal generation on the right:

dynamo fractal

As you can see the seeds are exactly the same but the output is different. I think it is something about the way SpaceLayout package works, but i can’t find any way to solve this issue. Can anyone help me to figure it out?

Thanks to everyone.

Please upload the graph so we can review the inputs.

Sure, here is the definition. Thank you Jacob

Question Seed.dyn (102.4 KB)

So it appears that I can’t peak too far under the hood of @colin.mccrone’s work without doing some rather significant work. You may want to try reaching out to him directly for input.