Nodes Not Placed Upon Selection From Library Browser Search

When I select a node from the library browser it does not place a node into the graph area.

This only happens when I am selecting a search result from the library browser.

It never happens when I am browsing node libraries/categories, or when I am searching for nodes via left-clicking in the graph area.

This problem occurs in the 0.8.1 stable build (

This problem is occurring while running in Revit 2015 and in standalone Dynamo.

Please advise, and thanks for your time.



Hi Brian,

My name is Neal Burnham and I work in Rod’s group in QA. I wanted to clarify what you meant by: “This only happens when I am selecting a search result from the library browser”

My interpretation of your steps looks like this:

  1. Click on the “Search Library” edit control
  2. Type in a term to search for, for example “matrix” or “sin”
// when this resolves to a hit, for example “DiagonalRight” // you still have to left click on the listed hit below to populate the canvas

The search itself does not auto-populate the canvas; there is another step which is to left-click on the various hits.

But perhaps I am misunderstanding your question? To help us understand, can you give us explicit “I click here”, “I type this” steps?

Also, I would be happy to host a session with you where we can identify what you are seeing.







Hi Neal thanks for your response.

Yes I am left-clicking on the search result. That is the problem. Left-clicking on the search result does not always place the node onto the canvas.

This behavior only occurs when left clicking on a search result. It does not occur when I browse to the desired node and left click or when I right-click, search, and left click a search result from the canvas right-click pop-up menu.

Yes I can be available to host a session provided it’s scheduled for next week. In the meantime I’ll use the canvas right-click menu.





Solid avatars Brian.

Thanks Jamie :slight_smile:

Neal - any luck replicating the issue? Certainly open to sharing my screen if not.



I’ve been experiencing the exact same thing with the latest daily builds from at least as far back as last week. I was wondering if anyone else can replicate the issue.
The library browser is all over the place. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so here’s a video of the browser’s shenanigans:

After the browser locks up, the only way to unlock it is to restart Dynamo.

I get the same as both Dimitar and Brian currently, plus occasionally when I double click for a code block it comes in greyed out and I am unable to write within it. To get round this I have to restart revit completely.

Issue resolved in 0.8.2 from what I’ve seen.