Nodes dont display when saved .dyn file loaded

I was interested to see the post ‘Dynamo have a big bug’ posted a few hours earlier. The screenshot is exactly what I am seeing on loading a file. The OP said it was solved by uninstalling modplus plugin. I seem to have the same problem but do not have a modplus plugin as far as I can tell…there is no modplus add in showing in Revit 18, and I have never knowingly downloaded it, nor does it show up as an app or program in the windows 10 uninstaller. Does something else cause this?
It occurs if I load one of the sample files, and with my own quick attempt to make sure this 2.0.3 version of dynamo works with Revit 18 (which it does). So no nodes show with my own saved file but did show when creating it. Oddly the sample files dont seem to run and the Dynamo window seems to freeze and not accept input after loading sample files, but my own test file did run without issue, just didnt display nodes. Still very much a beginner so I hope to see the sample files etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I would have continued the earlier post referred to but it seems to have been quickly closed with no option to reply? Other post seem to indicate its due to add ins, but this is a newly installed version of Revit 18, with only the Addins Autodesk auto install with the Building Design Premium Package.

Many Thanks for reading this, hope you can give some guidance.

as a workaround try deleting or temp removing the dll from the dynamo core folder.