Node that ""teleports"" information to other parts of the graph

Good morning folks,

So, I often fell the same difficulty in organizing and automating work due to the lack of a node that I don’t know if exists…

I thought of a node that “contains” information and that can be “called” in other parts of the Script without the need to create a huge and confusing spaghetti. Something that works like a Revit Family, that could be “called” anywhere in the script and always contain the same data.

The node above nourishes two other nodes. One close by and the other on the other side of the graph. I thought about the possibility of some node that does this “teleportation” of information. But, once the information changed in the “root node” the “teleported” nodes also updated their data.

Any idea if this node even exists?

Thanks a lot

Hi @luupieper,

These nodes exist in the great package Springs : Utility.SetData and Utility.GetData nodes.
They send and retrieve data wirelessly.
Use the refresh input to update the data.


Thanks a lot @Alban_de_Chasteigner