Node supports only ASC|| problem

i attached screen shot to the problem, can anybody help please?

the sequence node can’t accept the start number (1) i don’t know why ?
it only accepts it if it is a letter

See here how this node works:

is there a node asks if this is number and returns with bool ?

this can solve my problem

You can try Object.Type with Is Equal:

it wont work because it gives in all cases system.string

also i have a question, if i entered a string the sequence node will accept it like attached, so why doesn’t it accept string with number

Because it’s not designed to do that. String.ToNumber is the correct approach here. And you can convert the sequence back to string later on with String From Object if you need it as strings.

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actually i’m trying to make the user puts a start number or letter to be the start of a sequence so i need to make this node ready to receive even numbers or letters. so i need another node to test the item if it is a number then i’ll use ( node to convert it in order to be used in the sequence node otherwise it goes to it directly.

Doesn’t it seem like the Sequence node can recognize the type of the input? This discussion would be easier to follow with a complete screenshot of your workflow…

believe me it is very very extremely complected, i worked for this script for a month and it’s now ultra complected, i’ll tell u…

i’m working on a script which auto-numbering revit grids, based on various methods, it’s an honer to me if u decided to take a look on the current version, please download it from the online packages , search for ( FARAMAWY GRDIS AUTO-NUMBERING)

now i’m trying hardly to make an update, to remove the fake warnings that occur after using the script which are occurring because DYNAMO uses on branch from the script and never cancel the unused branches, based on the user choose method, if u downloaded the script from the server u may understand me better.

any way i’ll attach here also the full work flow in order to show u how much is that complected.

but, for this particular problem i was asking for help, i created now a custom node, which test an output if it is alphabetical string or numerical string. i’ll show u here how did i do this, and it solved my problem any way

Convert everything to a number then replace your strings.

Something like this might help avoid the error (I’m at home and using a cell phone so sorry if this doesn’t work out but you can troubleshoot or use some node to code functions as needed):