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Improvement suggestion for the development team
(@Zach_Kron, @Racel)

When we try to help users in this forum many problems comes from users get a script from the forum or elsewhere using nodes from external packages. It is like searching for the needle in a haystack some times since the nodes dosnt give any information where they come from if the package is missing!

Some of us has therefore started to add the package name infront of the node…

but what about if the title of the package was included in the layout of the node?

This title information could be implemented as an ID directly in the node, and set in creation moment looking up the name (pkg.json) and maybe maintained during the uploading procedure reading the title in the pkg.json file.


You could also request here.

I did… but dont have that good experiance with replys at the github site. So I posted it both places :slight_smile:

My impression of the DynamoDS github is that it is for the very very few people. End-users are not welcome at all. You recognize it when you discover that your questions are not being answered.

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NO… you can not see the package if you dont have it preinstalled… and if it is preinstalled, then you can just use right click.

Archi-lab installed…

Archi-lab NOT installed…

right click IF installed…

NOT installed… ???

Good point.

…and the reason for this post :slight_smile:

I have only few packages installed, probably those who 95% has… but there is many cases where I dont have the needed package installed. If I could see from the graph image, what I need to install to help the user it would reduce my time usage a lot :slight_smile:

even it is written in the How to get help on the Dynamo forums that notes should be included in a graph where nodes come from, in many cases are these notes missing. especially graphs from new users!

This is not true. You won’t see a result if it is not documented on

My node parses the site’s HTML and searches for nodes based on name.

There is also a good chance that the site changed slightly and my workaround is breaking. :grimacing:. I will update

We are talking about an Archi-Lab node in the example. That is like installed everywhere. Besides, does that page only support those that are downloaded mostly, not the small packages, and that is the real problem…

It is very much like searching for the needle in the haystack normally :-S

And I am talking about what you said about WhatTheNode only searching locally.

This problem can be solved by the development team… and should be taken seriously. The solution for such a basic thing should not rely on a solution by a custom package in my opinion.

I agree completely. And to my knowledge, they are looking into it. I simply provided a solution for the time being. :slight_smile:

I couldnt find anything concerning this issue, thats why a made this post here and at DynamoDS github…

Hi @erfajo - Great idea. So a few things:

  • We agree. It would be helpful to be able to distinguish what package a particular node came from, and the mockup in your first post was really great. But, as you may or may not know, we are working on the next generation Dynamo UI, and will need to carefully consider if we make room in our backlog to update the current UI. We are, however, definitely looking at options for the new UI where you can distinguish the origin of the node, its properties, etc. So, this post has given us some ideas.

  • Second, please post on Github issues about these kind of things. We apologize if our response is slow on there, but we have recently just setup an initiative on the team where we will be triaging issues as part of our daily tasks. We are slowly working through them and hope to address all of them in a timely manner. Github issues that create a lot of discussion (from inside the team and from customers) typically get considered for our backlog. We will assess the overall customer impact, the cost of implementing it (dev/design time), and then make a decision about its priority. Also, one way to get it brought to the attention of the team, is to tag one of the team members on the github issue. For UX/UI issues, please tag me (@racel).


Thanks @Racel,

I will edit my post on github and set you on it… and hope that will help on the github page. My getting response record is not good at that site, but I agree that is the place these issues should be addressed.