No Viewport LabelOutline for Live Views

My script uses the Viewport.LocationData node to locate the lower left corner of all the viewport label outlines in a particular sheet:

It works very well for drafting views, but for some reason label outline is non-existent for all live views. The labels show up on the sheet exactly like they do for drafting views, but they are not recognized by the node.

Any thoughts on how to located this point for live views as well?

Weird. I believe you are in an older version of Rhythm. I actually separated this function from the node as some views wouldn’t work with it.
Most Recent version is Rhythm 2018.3.21

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Thanks, John. Are you suggesting that if I upgrade the Rhythm package to the most current version it should correct this? I am using 2017.5.30.

Yes, update to current version and let me know if it works.

I updated to the most current version, but it’s behaving the same.

Even with the other node? Are you able to provide a small sample file?

Ah. I did not change the node. I am not able to find the Viewport.LabelOutline node.

And you have the latest version of Rhythm? Updated via the package manager?

Version should be 2018.3.21

yes, that’s correct.

How do you update packages? What does your package location look like? Are you using the default APPDATA location?

There is definitely something wrong as my nodes are no longer bundled under “RevitElements”.

Your Rhythm dll should look like this.

We have our packages stored on a server drive, but I am currently using a workaround until we can get the company to update that package. So I moved the path to my desktop where I have the current package.

:thinking:That is odd. Do you have Rhythm in the appdata by chance as well? If so, try removing from there. It might be loading that first and the DLL could be a dated version.

I do not. In fact I intentionally removed the link to the server drive where the old version was located to avoid that.

I would try deleting the Rhythm folder manually and reinstalling again. I gotta say, this is a bit confusing if you are following the reinstall steps as I am in this GIF

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I have it working. We are having some very strange things happening with how the file paths for packages are working. It did not work by downloading the zip file from the website. It’s a bit much to explain the troubleshooting, but suffice to say, it’s working. Thank you!

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Glad to hear it! Thanks for reporting back. Hate to see users running into issues. Also, thanks for marking this post solved!

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