No Property called ID on function could be found


Im having an issue with one of my nodes that used to work perfectly, im running inot an issue with my node where it is saying that no property called id on function could be found.

I have attached

a snapshot below of the nodes and attached the file in question.

Extract Data.dyn (59.1 KB)

Which node? The screen grab you provided is illegible. Please enable the preview for all nodes leading into the broken node, group the node in question by itself to call attention to it, zoom in on a node so it’s legible, and then do a full workspace export using the camera button in the top right corner of the screen.

updated snashot attached, it is the node

Should still work, but you need to provide all of the inputs on your List.Flatten node - the amount to flatten it is missing (perhaps because this graph was updated from 1.x to 2.x format).

Sorry not sure i understand, am i not already providing all inputs to the list flatten command per the list create command?

You’re missing an input in the List.Flatten node (circled in Red) so it’s still in a function state (lighter grey), and not producing any output.