New to Dynamo.... First Tasks. Grid Heads and Move Views Sheet to Sheet

New to the forum & dynamo. Excited about learning the software and to start working on my first 2 company tasks.

  1. Move a view from sheet to sheet
  2. Align grid heads across multiple views

I’ve run through some tutorials and have a general feel for the capabilities.
Just thought I would reach out to see if anyone had suggestions as to where I might want to start with the tasks at hand.

Thanks for any and all comments & suggestions!

OK. So I found a topic that already exists related to moving views. I’ll start there!

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Welcome to the forum @QuestionThat! There is a huge amount of content already existing on here and a search should find a good pointer, if not the exact answer to most things :slight_smile:

Thanks solamour. Yes, I’ve been digging around and found some places that I can start getting my feet wet with this.
Found what looks to be an exact match to one of my tasks at hand that’s available but my company has security concerns right now about linking into and downloading these types of files. So, for the time being looks like I’m going to start needing to do this from scratch.
Wondering if anyone might be interested in sharing how they might generally begin to tackle creating a solution… say to a task that there is no out of the box solution available.
Certainly there is planning involved…
So, thinking if I knew I wanted to come up with a solution for aligning grid heads, I’d look through all of the revit grid head nodes… then just kind of grab a node and see where that takes me? At a minimum that would get me started down SOME path that I could at least generate some questions for right? Then maybe by the end of 5 years or so I could actually accomplish the task at hand, haha…