Nested List Selection Using Certain Values

Hi All,
I am working on a relatively simple custom node - It will be used as part of a graph that creates an excel with information about the project.

I want to input is a list of lists that looks like this:
a serial number (this is a project parameter I added - it is a 4-letter code).
an amount (an int which is calculated differently for each component).

My goal is to use the Serial Number to get rows of data from an excel, then add the amount to the end of the data.

I have an excel with the serial numbers, and descriptions and other data.

basically, I’m trying to match up my list of serial numbers to a list of serial numbers from the excel.


I am not sure I understand the output, could you try to describe how that would look like?

and please always include the bare minimum af files for this, so those who can help you dont need to reinvent the wheel…

I’m attaching my graph, and an excel example data file.

The excel is used to lookup the serial number, and what I want is a new excel, containing the same data, but with the amount variable added to each place correctly. I do not want to modify the original excel, just to create a new one with the data.

Example_Data.xlsx (9.2 KB)
SerialNumber.Amount_ToData_Forum.dyf (10.5 KB)

I still dont get it… but anyway for getting some values from an excel file and add something to that value can be done as shown below.
– I have only used OOTB nodes and not nodes from Lunchbox as you did.

Home.dyn (24.7 KB)

ps. a dyf file is a custom node file and not a normal dyn file…

Hi, thanks for your input!
I have found a solution, using the dictionary nodes to find the values in the excel document.
Thank you!