Nested Family Parameters

Hi All,
Someone might have done this previously and hoping they could share some idea.
Trying to prep the code to fill up nested family attributes i.e. we have nested a family that holds some information to fill(design information) in before we send the sheets out. This family is nested into title block and all shared parameters (design information) of this family is also added to the main model. Apart from this our MEP is combined model i.e. each services title blocks sheets would
have different design information values. So far was able to prep the code to filter out sheets by discipline from here need to pull the nested family on these title blocks (in the example shown from all Fire services title blocks)

Any pointes are greatly appreciated.

Evening @Bravia I did something similar recently not at my cpu tonight but can share my process tomorrow when I’m back at work.

Cheers KS

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@Bravia see if this helps.
I used the Issue to field in the SheetIssues/Revisions to filter out RDR sheets as is is currently unused in my case. Provided the end user fills it out as per below,
DP Full Name & Reg No (_ represents space) it should be relatively straight forward.

Please not I’ve only tested it in Revit 2018 and for Dynamo 2.0.4 210815_TitleBLockRevisionTest.rvt (652 KB)
210815_NSWDesignRegulations_Current(Part1 WriteData).dyn (195.8 KB)