Negative solid volume - Creating solids from CSV points

I want to create complex solids from a bunch of points in a csv file using python and dynamo for civil3d. My method is to generate polysurfaces for top, bottom and sides, then create solids by joined surfaces.
All the surfaces are getting created and even the solid is visible in dynamo, but it says it has negative volume and I am not able to convert into civil3d object.

Does anyone know how to solve this? Solids with negative volumes?

Likely the surfaces have consistent faces orientations (ie: both of the normal point up), and as such you are getting an intnerally pointing normal after making the solid. Try reversing the lower face.


Hi Jacob,
Thanks for your reply, this is exactly what I was thinking as I saw a solid created with a negative volume.
After flipping one surface component it was coming fine.

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