Need to place family instances in a given order from intersection point between Arc and Line

Hello All,

I have made a dynamo script which places family instances along Alignment Arcs and Lines. This script works almost perfect for me, but i have to add more family instances in a given order. In the two pictures below you can see what i mean by this:

What i create with my dynamo script so far:

What i need to end up on every intersection between a line and arc:

I hope that i have been clear what i want with my script!
These are the files i created:
AutoCad Civil 3D Alignments.dwg (891.8 KB)
Automatisch Dyanmo Script 09-10-2019.dyn (266.8 KB) (<- Revit File, 5.1 Mb, just over the upload limit)

PS: The dynamo packed which i used is CivilConnection2020. (You need to use Civil 3D 2020 to make this script work).

Thanks in advance!