Need the ability repeat a definition for a each item in a long list

The issue is that I have a list of floor Area loads that represents a floor boundary and floor openings in the boundary. I can get the openings to cut the floors fine using the “FloorOpening.ByCurves” node. The problem is I have to do one area load at a time. I would like to have the definition run for each load selection from the select model elements.

i Repeat Image

That should usually happen without having to do anything special.

However, as I’m not familiar with Area Loads and haven’t really understood your problem, I’d suggest that you first try changing the lacing.

If that doesn’t work you could define a function that processes each item in the list

Thanks Vikram,

So to scribe what i’m trying to accomplish is an automated Graphical loading schedule. See images. The user in Revit would draw loads where they want them. The load would consist of an outline and openings in a single sketch. The dynamo definition would separate the outline from the openings. The result is a floor that is scheduled in Revit. My definition works on a single floor load at once. I imagine that if it ran the whole definition for each load selection it would work for an entire project. I have attached my definition and Revit file. As you can see if works when selecting a single load but fails if multiple are selected. Dynamo Loading By Selection_New Floor Load Load Test_New