Need help with the DoesIntersect node

Good afternoon!

Need help with the DoesIntersect node. For some reason it gives true even when the geometry does not intersect.

Essence: copy existing trays horizontally up, vertical left or right, and connect parts either to the left or to the right. After copying, I reduce their width and radius (according to the formula, according to the curve, outward or inward). After I try to check whether the item has been copied to the right side (by default, they are copied first to the left). I check by a method I take a geometry of an element and I submit on comparison in a node DoesIntersect. And on zadumke-if there is an intersection, it must be transferred in the opposite direction, but for some reason it gives out that it always intersects and, accordingly, transfers everything. It is clearly seen in the test file that the new connection details were transferred in the wrong direction. Does this node check for the boxing boxes or something else? Can eat any other way to learn, in what side to copy an element?

I would be very grateful for the help!

Test rvt and dyn, you can open and just run, the script will work and you will see what is wrong. – dyn – rvt

@shelyago Looked at your files, but couldn’t figure out which part of the definition to look at
Also was missing your custom node, so couldn’t run it.

Would be good if you could reduce it to a small file with just nodes that are relevant to the problem you’ve outlined above.

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@Vikram_Subbaiah Thanks for the feedback!
There is the one of main nodes in the package names Clockwork (Element.CopyByVector), i copy elements with its help. I can delete part of the program, but to see the difference between copying the elements you need to leave the most part. If you have the opportunity to look at the work of the program with the installed package Clockwork, I would be very grateful.
The connecting parts of the trays must be copied upwards to the height of the tray and reduced in width and height (for new elements, the height is always 25 mm). And left or right, and I’m trying to find a way to determine which way they should be copied in order not to intersect with the originals.

New dyn -