Navigating 3D-background preview

Hi there,

I have two requests for the functionality of the 3D-background preview.

  • Could it be possible that ‘zoom to fit’ would actually zoom to just the generated objects in Dynamo, not including the origin?

  • Could it be possible for orbiting in the 3D-background, to change the orbiting center to the center of the generated objects, instead of the origin?

The main reason I ask this is because I’m using Dynamo in a project environment most of the time. My Revit units are millimeters, and since Dynamo uses these same units since 0.8 (which in itself is great BTW), the numbers get quite big very quickly.

If I have small objects at ca. 500 meters from the Revit Origin, it’s coordinates in Dynamo are 500000 mm away from the origin, which makes it almost impossible to see in the 3D- background, let alone zooming and orbiting.


Thanks in advance


Following up on this. Has anybody found a solution to this?

I am certainly using Rhynamo to import in Geometry. I want to keep the geometry at the same location so I can export to Revit in the same location. However, Dynamo has to focus on origin. Right now, I am adding some dummy points on original Rhino file so I can translate the geometries to ‘origin’ just so I can see it. Hoping there is a better solution then this.



The latest daily builds (0.91) solve both of these issues. First select the node that generates the geometry and then enter geometry mode to focus the orbit around the specified geometry.

The grid is now ignored when using zoom extents.

Thanks Dimitar, seems most of the answer lays within 0.91. I tried the pre-release version, and the connector wasn’t working… Can’t wait for the full release =)