Multiple Scenarios in Radiance Analysis




I’m trying to run radiance analysis on a surface with different contex scenarios. So i have a list of HoneyBee surfaces and i want to run a new analysis for each of these scenarios.

As you can see when i try running the analysis on multiple scenarios it will only output the result of the last scenario (see analysis results, all results are the same unlike the results for running each scenario in different analysis)

When running all scenarios in one Radiance Analysis:

Running each scenario in multiple Radiance Analysis:

Apologize if this is more a Dynamo thing than HoneyBee i just think i tried everything!
Hope you can help :slight_smile:



The most straight forward approach is to name each case differently, and load the results back based on the name. Every time that you run an analysis with Honeybee it create a folder and writes the Radiance input files to that folder. Then it runs the analysis and writes the result into the same folder. If you change the name of the case for each run the results will be saved in different folders so you can load them back separately as needed.