Multiple Profiles Auto Extracted from Points Data

Is it possible to extract multiple profiles along an alignment, using for example point cloud data using Dynamo at predetermined intervals?

As much as I like (love…?) dynamo, I think there are probably better tools out there for working with pointclouds. Dynamo is great for some stuff, but not so much for the gazillions of points you tend to get in PCs.

Even AutoCAD has various ‘feature extraction’ tools for generating slices from PCs- and some of the dedicated PC tools or mesh/modelling applications have much more sophisticated tools.

If this is following on from your other post about the tunnel scanned wall- Revit/Dynamo does not deal well with huge, intricately modelled surfaces. I’d suggest it would have to be an approximation- say a series of slices lofted together. Hope this helps Andrew

Thank you Andrew for your response. I do concur with you.