Multiple Pipe Diameters

I’m struggling to feed into “Pipe.Bylines” node. The list of layers from CAD file is working buy no lines are being drawn. I’m new to this and I have tried different options in list gathering but still no luck. I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

flatten your lines before passing into pipes.bylines

Flattened the list and pipes are created. But the pipe diameters are produced in groups of 3 instead of the first 7 in 150 mm diameter, next 133 in 40 mm and the last 13 in 200 mm diameter. Any thought’s?!


well, you gotta use list.ofrepeateditem to match your data sets. Basically, if you have 153 pipes, you should have 153 diameters.

Thanks for the pointer. All sorted, had to set the Lacing to longest on List.count & List.ofrepeatedItem.
Many thanks.