Multiple instance Auto-placement of family from StartPoint to EndPoint

Hello everyone,
I have multiple instance of trapeze (with all-threads at each end). I need to place markers on each all-threads for point extraction and tags. I was able to place it to only one instance. How can I make it to place markers on multiple selected instance.

Hello @JCprog ,

Currently you create list by joining start and End point then flattern the list of points.

Sagar Jain

You would need to gather all of the instances rather than using a manual selection method.

All elements of family type should get you started.

Thanks for the reply @ honeyjain619,
I tried your suggestion but I get an error.

Thanks for the reply Jacob, yes, it will be far better to gather all instances at once but for this practice some trapeze will be adjusted or gets added together with already placed trapeze as the project progress.
Gathering the instances is not quite the problem, placing a family on geometry on multiple instances is the problem.

Can you expand the data previews on your original example and/or your new one before doing an image export on a zoomed in node (camera icon in the top right) so the data is readable, and let us know what the warnings are?

Hi @JCprog …something here should work…

Thanks guys for all your help. I combined honeyjain619, JacobSmall and sovitek answers and end up with solution, The first part is selecting all elements in view as Jacob suggested (not shown) and then filtering the Geometry then placing my instances on each end: