Multiple curve pattern along a surface

Hello Everyone,
As u see there is a rectangular surface which is extruded with respect to distance from the sin curve …My query is what if w want another curve along the same surface and want to create a pattern along the surface with respect to distance from two curves ?
Please Help !

query.dyn (15.8 KB)

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Your intent isn’t clear

In what way do you want the two curves to affect the geometry?

  • The extrusion determined by average/sum/difference of the distance of a point to the two curves?
  • The extrusion start determined by one curve and the end by the other?
  • Half the points driven by one curve and the other half by the other?

All of the above and more can be done (in multiple ways)

The first category that is the extrusion determined by average of the distance of a point to the two curves

In that case, draw the other curve and get the distances just as you have done with the first curve.
Calculate the average (could use Math.Average) of the distances and feed it into Curve.ExtrudeAsSolid

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Any suggestion ?

You seem to have managed to do what you wanted. There could be other ways to achieve the same and the optimal way usually depends on the task and goal.
Unless specific, requests for suggestions will be difficult to respond to.

Hi @Kumar_Kapadia ,
this is pretty fun :slight_smile:
here are two suggestions,

  • the first one works with the average of the distance to both curves. The result is not very interesting because when curves are far apart, the average will necessarilly be very low and the surface prety flat… but still if that’s what you want, here it is:

  • the second one is more fun to work with, it’s a very basic sum of the distance to the curves which allows to see the surface embrace the shape of your curves: