Multi-Category Material Takeoff to Excel or Google Sheets

I have been researching this forum and others to come up with a solution for exporting a Multi-Category Material Takeoff to Excel to create a Life-Cycle Assessment Dashboard.
Basically the idea is to have all the current material quantities (volumes) stream into an Excel file that then will be the basis for a live dashboard on LCA impact categories like Global Warming Potential and others …
I have tried ad-dins (like Exceler8, BIMOne) as well as Flux, and a materials takeoff seems to have some kind of special limitations, that make it difficult to implement.
Any input and leads would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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Could you elaborate a little and illustrate with screenshots or links?

The Multi-Material Schedule is not available to choose from in the Addins (see screenshot)![2 - Schedule_ Multi-Category Material Takeoff - jensvoshage|690x418

The link seems broken

Sorry about that, I try firefox and chrome to upload a screenshot, seems not to work … I’ll try again

Basically the Multi-Category Materials Takeoff schedule is absent to choose from both of the addins I am using (Case Exceler8 and BIMOne Excel Export/Import), that’s why I am trying to find a Dynamo workflow …

I will stop for today, I leave you with this link:

Don’t hesitate to use all available search tools since this topic is very well documented.

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Thank you for the link …

This would make for an excellent hackathon topic…

I wonder if material takeoff is the way to do it though - isn’t the adjacent assembly stuff factored in when looking at lifecycle? Can you post a link to an example of what you might want it to look like when done, and any other relevant sources?


If you dont need to get the data back in in Revit you could use the Export/Reports/Schedule here and open the .txt file in Excel.
(You need to have the MaterialTakeOff view active to do this.)


Hi Marcel, thank you for your comment. I am aware of the manual exporting process. For now I do need one direction (out) only, but I want to automate it, so that the Excel file always reflects the material count of my current model.

You will still have to run the script to update the file.

Also you may want to add a feature to copy the old file so you have a record of what was. That or use a new sheet in the file each time you script it.