Mullion direction


I have to filter all mullions into horizontal / vertical.

How do I do this (again: using python) …

Currently I trying to achieve this getting all faceNormals and it’s Origin but that feels pretty stupid.

Can it be like this:

  • curtaingridids
  • element selecting on curtaingridids
  • check if vertical: vertical … same for horizontal


Get the direction of the curtain grid. Assuming you have only orthagonal grids if the Z value of that vector != 0 then you have a horizontal. All others are vertical in some way. Could ask if the value is <45 && > 45 as well. Once grouped by horizontal/vertical get the millions as you indicated.

I’m not a python guy and I’m fairly certain this can be done with OOTB nodes and a few of the usually packages, and that bit of geometry is fairly light so I wouldn’t stick to that method myself.