MText.SetHeight Node

Hi All,

Is there an issue with the MText.SetHeight Node

I can’t seem to get it to create the mtext at the text height of 2. The node seems to set the Defined Height rather than the text height.


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If you use the MText nodes from the Civil 3D Toolkit then you can set the actual text height.

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Thanks @mzjensen the MText.ByPointTextRotation worked. Strange that MText.SetHeight Node doesnt work.

Well, it does work…just not in the way you were expecting :slight_smile:

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You can also use the object set parameter by name node from the toolkit and use “ActualHeight”


@mzjensen The node naming is misleading :joy:

@KirkWM thanks!

Is it possible to separate the mtext output so each one does not overlap?


You’d need to feed it a list of locations as well which matches the same count as the number of texts you are feeding it.

Just some follow up on this, as I had the same confusion. The below shows an example changing the text height as per @KirkWM’s suggestion to use the Civil3DToolkit Set Parameter node found in Object Extensions. One minor edit, it appears the parameter is “TextHeight”…or at least it was for me.

…and just to cover off the follow up question: 'How do I know what the parameter name is for the thing I want to change?

Also within the Civil3DToolkit is the Get Parameters node in Object Extensions.

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