Move points from an axis

Good morning.
A technical query, I would like to know, which node would work for me so that the distance of the two points indicated move towards the center or outward at the same time, this in order to give a value of width and these two points are opened or closed simultaneously, I appreciate the cooperation.

That’s a very specific task for a single node. There likely isn’t one that does this, so let’s break down the individual steps/needs.

  1. You need to be able to move the Points. Find a node for moving Points/Geometry.
  2. You need to define a “center”. Either use one of the existing Points or create one that will represent your “base” when considering movement.
  3. Define the direction and scale of movement for each Point. This will likely be a Vector based on your “center/base” point and the final Width.
  4. Combine these parts to move both Points away from the “center” a distance equal to half the total Width.
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Thanks for your answer, you will forgive me the gross, but how could I do the 4th point that you indicate me, I can not understand how to develop it.

Thank you very much.

Start by trying to figure out the first 3 steps and see how far you get. This is not a forum for solving other people’s problems. We need to see what you’ve attempted and where you’re stuck so that we can give you suggestions on what to do next.

I am not looking for my routines to be developed, I am just looking for a punctual answer on how to develop a specific point, the solution was simpler than I thought, it was just to generate the point, then make a mirror, and already having the central axis you can move the points in the way you need it.

Thank you for your answers.

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