Move point coordinates down to the lowest plane of the floor or beam

I have the points represented by the sphere. i want to move the coordinates down to the lowest plane of the beam or foundation. How to choose the lowest plane?

p1.rvt (7.5 MB)

Move the location points a long way down (under the beams), then use a raytrace node (data shapes has one) to find the first point above it using rays pointing in the Z direction (up). You can check the Z difference to that point versus current to move it downward or use element.setlocation it its a point based family.

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What about the Project Point node in the Z-direction?

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I think it depends how variable your structure is, if there is a risk that people are doing lots of manipulation to the instance, Gavin’s solution is the most robust, however it might not be the fastest…

If the beam / foundation is not being edited, you could just grab their type Height / Thickness and move the point -Z?

You can grab the beam / foundation geometry and intersect the point -Z, as Daan said, but you might find some geometry not being extracted correctly and I’m not sure if it’s faster than Gavin’s method.

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If the bottom is always a horizontal plane, you could just make a list of all the geometric surfaces and simply pull the smallest Z-value from all the origins and update your point using that value. That should be pretty quick.
A sloping beam would be more difficult.