Move parallels walls to rounded 10

Hi. When I draw walls off a DWG sometimes you get walls not at a rounded parallel spacing. So I’m hoping to select a grid. Find all walls parallel to it then round the location of it to the nearest 10. This has become a nightmare :laughing: Walls that are already rounded 5 I left not to be moved because there probably already sorted like perimeter walls. Any wall not I want to move to rounded 10. However If a walls 90 thick and your using the center location line. Youll move to a rounded 5 number not 10. Using the walls outer core location to calculate the distance you want to move so its rounded 10 becomes super confusing. Because you have to relate the wall thickness back to the center line of the original wall location.

this works for rounded 5

I actually undertook this task recently with a project with heaps of detail lines off axis. We determined that rotating each curve around its midpoint was the best approach. I’ve attached the base script logic as well as an adjusted version that can update wall locations. If you get into the more nitty gritty such as ‘I want all walls to rotate around different points based on x condition’ then it gets quite complex unfortunately, e.g. if you want some to align to slabs and some not to.

Realign detail curves in view.dyn (40.4 KB)
Realign walls in view.dyn (35.8 KB)

The results of running for curves:

The results for running for walls: