Move all the Room Tags creating error report to their Rooms

I am trying to make Room tags that create an error report because they are outside of their associated room to automatically move to their corresponding Room. BVM was an efficient way of doing this for ALL the Room Tags. However I just want to do it for the Room Tags that are creating a an error report.

I started by filtering all the rooms tags that are creating the error report, and comparing those to all the room tags in the project

Now i am trying to modify a new instance of BVM’s node to only move the rooms tags that generate the error report. ![Move to room location node
I have not been able to so. Suggestion?

Are you trying to modify the Python code from that node? If so could you paste the Python code here as Preformatted text (paste, select text and hit the </> symbol)

Ah - just realized that the bottom group in your graph is the inner contents of the RoomTag.MoveToRoomLocation node. I think all you should have to do is connect your list of RoomTags that are creating errors to the Flatten node before the Python script like this:

I got it to work partially. The script works for the for most of the room tags. However, for some reason it will look over some of them. Not sure why.

Ive been look for exactly this. I tried it out on a sample project, works like a dream. but on my project, it starts but soon dynamo becomes “not responding” and then its all stuck. I waited an hour still no change. I’ve got about 300 room tags to fix :(.
any idea what im doing wrong. ?
Sorry for digging up an old conversation. but any help will be much appreciated