Model Report & Export to Excel

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you a workflow I made to make a report of model and export to excel so I can compare different projects.
It is not an original workflow (maybe except time duration :thinking: ) I just organized what I’ve learned in this forum, hope it helps other people too.
I put all the workflow in a single dynamo, so it works very slow. It took 2 minutes to finish exporting for my project and PC.
I made a time table as an experiment. It takes system time at the beginning and end of workflows to see which category takes the most time. It worked nicely for me but you can freeze it if you don’t need it.
Some of the parameters are only for my company’s family parameters probably. Edit them depends on your family parameters, please.
I am still trying to make the dynamo more efficient, so please don’t laugh if you see some stupid workflow :sweat_smile:

Model_Report.dyn (655.0 KB) Report - Template.xlsx (37.0 KB)