Model checking - Floating objects

Hello all,

Looking for an idea - would there be a way to check for floating objects in the model?

Validate geometry is attaching e.g to walls?

Tool get surrounding elements would give me the positives but i am looking for the negatives if that makes sense.

Also do note I am referring to free standing families not surface based created.


Like an Element.Intersecting.Nothing node?

Hi, @i.tzivanidis

We do have a workflow in order we call “digital hygiene” where every modeler needs to check things.
Most of them make a new 3d view, no template assigned where you can zoom out to see all.
Then we make an assessment to see if there are “things” that shouldnt be there.
Next we have schedules to see if all parameters have been set.
These workflows could easily be scripted, but seeing it on screen just makes more sense to them.
We are not all Dynamo Kings and Queens.
And a 3Dview where the visibility of everything with parameters set correctly is hidden is usefull too.


This workflow might work:

  1. Element.BoundingBox for all elements.
  2. Offset the bounding box by your acceptable tolerance by shifting the min and max point and creating a new bounding box.
  3. Get all Elements in the bounding box with the updated BiMorph nodes package (this appears to have a tolerance built in already but i haven’t played with it enough to know for sure). Note that you’d be feeding in the entire model to check against floating objects.
  4. Count the elements in the selection.
  5. If the count is less than or equal to 1 (or 2, or 3, you decide), return the Id of the element originally tested. Otherwise return null.
  6. Clean the list of nulls and write to a CSV or append a comment “may be floating in space - review for attachment” to the element and use a filter to isolate all such elements in a 3D view.

Ideally you’d filter down the list of things to check (get the host and review the distance off that that as a faster first step).


The workflow described by @JacobSmall successfully identifies the loners in my test model.
bimmorphNodes are the way to go :smiley:
(D1.3) Find Loner Elements.dyn (8.3 KB)


If someone can entertain my curiosity: By floating do you mean tiny little annoying offsets? I guess my confusion is that with the firms I’m familiar with perhaps we are not outputting the models to this level of detail, and focusing on 2D construction drawings? Is this sort of routine helpful with the different construction apps used in the field now? Thanks,

I took it to mean very large offsets which are clear modeling errors.

  • Why is there a toilet 200’ outside the building?
  • Why is there a kitchen cabinet showing above the island on my RCP?
  • Why is there a slab drain 10’-0" below my basement floor?

This sort of routine would help with coordination at any phase of a job, assuming that the firm doing the work is producing BIM content (accentuated the Modeling there), in the design, documentation, or construction process. It’s not possible to clash detect or confirm 3D clearances with 2D documentation. :wink:


Spot on mate thanks!

I know reviewing Navis files but there is also this tool called Dynamo so why not try and use it

No need for kings and queens just creativity and effort… and help from this community and sky is the limit!