Mode in List with Tolerance

This question may involve some math & list expertise. From a list of values/numbers I would like to find a pattern of the most common numbers occurring within the list. Say this is a list of room areas, I would be able to decipher a common group of room areas that would denote a special typical room. However, sometimes depending on the shape and conditions certain typical rooms may be slightly bigger or smaller but fall within a tolerance value. Therefore if there was a list of room areas like:

100, 2000, 2005, 4050, 400, 100.5, 105, 110, 105, 103.5, 300…

with a tolerance of 10 I would be able to filter the list to show me (Dynamo would calculate that within the list the most common numbers within 10 values of each other was):
100, 100.5, 105, 110, 105, 103.5

Perhaps is this a job for breaking down the number as characters and sorting by character length, etc. Hopefully someone has a better suggestion

I don’t have the math skills, but Clockwork does :slight_smile:

With that you can first round the numbers and after that use the result for your search.

@T_Pover thanks for your input however I don’t think its exactly what I need and plus it is changing the numbers.

If anyone was curious about the workflow I was going for in my earlier post:

Essentially, I would break down the list of numbers into strings. The removal of character after the period makes things easier to work with. For example if the list had numbers like 10.5 to numbers like 19.2874554379845, it would leave me with primary digit numbers which I think counted the occurrences to see which X digit numbers were most common. In this example you can see 3 digit numbers are most common. From that list I would like to move on to finding the most common numbers within a tolerance value.