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I’ve recently started dabbling in Dynamo (long time Revit user) and am really liking the interface!

One problem I am having is getting other users to be able to run the definitions. For some reason when Dynamo installs it is omitting the “Revit” library nodes.

This breaks any references I created to Revit functions. My machine has the library correctly imported although I did have a previous version .2 installed prior to upgraded to the latest 0.7. Could this be a problem with users installing the 0.7 without having an older version? Is the “Revit” node library available separately so it can be imported? I confirmed Revit is installed on the users machine prior to installing dynamo and everything prompts correctly during the install, just no library.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff S.

Dynamo - Library Missing




We’ve answered our own question. It turns out the library was omitted due to launching Dynamo from the task bar instead of from the Revit Addins.

Simple Fix!




Hello Jeff Shaverjeff,

Your analysis is correct.

Revit Nodes are only available when you launch Dynamo from Revit.

Standalone Dynamo will not have Revit nodes in Library as well as when you open any DYN file which contain Revit nodes, you will see those as “Node not found” warnings.

Keep using Dynamo, and feel free to post your questions, we are happy to answer all.