Mindmap for dynamoscript

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Hello Dynos,

First step is solved Thanks to a Zhoven…package! How about to move the unjoint Ends to the edge of the wall?
Does anybody have a bling of an idea… to create script? or some notes in mind? I would turn it in a try.dyn



  1. Find intersecting wall’s location line.
  2. Find ‘hit’ walls location line.
  3. Find hit walls thickness via the type.
  4. Find a point at the midpoint is the intersecting wall.
  5. Offset the hit wall by 1/2 of the thickness using the offset+ node (springs?)
  6. Split the intersecting walls location line by the offset line.
  7. find the distance between the two lines and the original hit wall’s location line. Discard the lesser of the two.
  8. Set the intersecting wall’s location to the new line.

This WILL look bad for angled intersections, creating a small overlap at the acute corner which could be resolved with some trig (making perhaps an uglier condition. However, it’s a start.