Min/Max radius

Hi guys,
How can I define the minimum and maximum value for the radius in the attached file?
its an attractor controlled circles on a wall. but want to have min/max (100/250) for those circles.!
thanks in advance

If A is less than 100, return 100; if not less than 100, if A is more than 250, return 250; if not more than 250 return A.

In a code block try this:

A < 100 ? 100 : A > 250 ? 250 : A;

That will slide in after you radius forumula, before the circle by node.

You could simplify that code block into the radius formula as well, by using X/55 in place of each A in the formula above.


What Jacob posted will also work. I did not see he was responding as well.

Mine is a different take.

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