Migrating custom functions to Dynamo 1.1

Hi All,

After upgrading to Dynamo 1.1, my custom functions (Def in a code block) are not found.

Should this happen automatically?

Is there a way to manually migrate them?

Can you show us screenshot?

I have created 2 new functions after installing Dynamo 1.1 and they are working as expected. The functions I was using before installing Dynamo 1.1 are showing when I type in the code block but I can’t use them anymore (i.e. func2)

What’s the best way to manage/migrate custom functions in Dynamo?

@salvatoredragotta - I did a small test of this on my machine, and it does not look like it is an issue related to transitioning to 1.1. I have actually seen this in my past using the same version of Dynamo. I have quickly fixed this, by just creating a brand new code block node and copy/pasting the original function. Make sure to delete the old code block.

You could also try reopening the file. Sometimes this works.

I am not sure why this happens, but Dynamo does not have explicit rules about control flow/order of execution so your function might be called before it is defined when opening the file.

Let me know if any of the above fixes work. Also, if possible, can you please add your file?

@Racel - I tried copy/pasting but it didn’t work. I had to copy the function in the file where I needed.

I might create custom nodes using the functions.

Please find attached the file.

05 functions.dyn (12.0 KB)

hi @salvatoredragotta- the only function I see in your dyn is alpha(). Is this correct? If func2() is not in the file, I will not be able to call it.

Is this the right file?