Meta: This forum should have a "How to Ask for Help" sticky

I think it would be extremely helpful for community members (especially new members) if we had a sticky with guidelines on the best practices for “asking for help”.

Some good examples:

David’s Rutten sticky in the Grasshopper community:

Stackoverflow: how to ask a good question:

What do you think?




As a relatively new user, I would definitely second that motion!

Yeah, that would have been helpful. I guess you need to bring this up with the forum admins. Personally, I just ignore poorly asked questions. or in some drastic cases when questions are outright offensive to my forum etiquette sensibilities I turn into a dick and tell people to beat it. In general, yeah I am longing for a day when all questions asked are concise with a minimum sample file included. That will be nice!

A quick draft below.
Maybe someone with more experience helping others can help improve it…?

Be descriptive
Yes: "How to I extract the height parameter from wall objects"
No: “Help pleeease”

Add details such as: What are you trying to achieve, what’s happening instead? What have you tried so far? Be mindful of the XY Problem
Yes: "I am trying to extract the unconnected height parameters. I tried using the GetParameterValueByName but I am getting error X…"
No: I need to get property of objects

Support Files
Include files and/or screenshots to make it easier for people to help.

Show Some Effort
Yes: Search the forum for previously asked questions, try developing a solution yourself.
No: “Please do my homework for me”

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