Mesh's edge points separation into two circles

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I would like to get the main axes, it’s lenght and the circle’s diameters of two (pipelike) mashes. I got the mesh’s edge points, but I don’t know how to separate them into two circles, if it possible, or it’s the correct way to do that from meshes. Unfortunately it not as easy to just chop the list of points, or I wasn’t able to recognize the pattern of the points in the list.

My firs thought was center axe - Line.ByBestFitThroughPoints - from boundary box, which works with plane objects, but if the meshes are in angle, or much sorter than the diameter, it gives a wrong result.
I’ve tried the Circle.ByBestFitThroughPoints node, but obviously if the length between the two circle points are to big the BestFitThrough Circles starts to rotate…it wasn’t good.
I don’t know, if it helps, but I was able to sort the MeshEdge Curve.Lengths’s into 3 different lists.

Thank you for your help and time!
Also this is my first topic, I’m very excited to be here :slight_smile:
And sorry for the long description.

Sample1.2.dyn (163.6 KB) Sample1.2.rvt (788 KB)

I’ve found the answer here.
It was (in) @Dimitar_Venkov’s Spring Nodes

Thank you for this awesome package! :nerd_face:

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